“Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it”
Proverbs 22:6


Jerusalem Marthoma Sunday School plays a vibrant role in training our children and making them grow in the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Children of today are the citizens of tomorrow. The best investment any parent can make is to ensure that their children learn the word of God right from their childhood. As a registered unit of the Malankara Mar Thoma Sunday school Samajam our Sunday School follows its motto- COME TO JESUS, BRING EVERY CHILD TO JESUS. True to its motto, the number of children attending our Sunday School has gone up year after year.

We are God’s chosen people and God’s people live by faith. Christian Education initiates and nurtures God’s people in their life of faith. We have a vibrant and growing Sunday School and our kids are enthusiastic and eager to learn the word of God. Sunday School is held in the Church immediately after the worship service on every Sunday. This arrangement enabled the children to attend the entire Holy Communion Service. Nearly 160 children attend the Sunday school regularly. Children from other Christian denominations are also attending our Sunday School. Mrs. Jeemol Joseph serves as the Headmistress of the Sunday School. Seminary students lead the singing sessions and general sessions in the Sunday School.

By God’s grace our Sunday School, has dedicated teachers who are visionaries and are doing their very best for the spiritual growth of the children. Our teachers are energized with the Holy Spirit and have set high standards for the kids. The stories and lessons the students learn from these teachers make them better human beings. In accordance with the schedule of the Marthoma Sunday School Samajam our Sunday school session for the academic year commences in the month of January. Annual Examination is conducted as per the schedule given by the Sunday School Samajam. Our Vicars, Headmasters, Office bearers & Teachers from time to time with the wholehearted support and patronage of our Parish played a major role for bringing our Sunday School up to the present level.