The Edavaka Mission in our Parish is a unit of the Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelistic Association. The Bible demands us to pass on the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, to those who do not know Christ. The Church recognized that its mission of evangelization cannot be effectively achieved by a few full-time evangelists. Therefore “every member of the Church must be a missionary filled with such joy and assurance of salvation as to be Christ’s witness to those who come in contact with him/her irrespective of one’s work or profession, in secular life.” With this motto, the Voluntary Evangelistic Association functions in every parish through its members. The formation of Voluntary Evangelists Association (Lay Ministry) in Mar Thoma Church started with a group of enthusiastic people, yearning to present the gospel to others, meeting for prayer and fellowship. The Holy Spirit led them to be the first Voluntary Evangelists in the Church. Their movement was fully supported by the late Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Thoma. The Association was formally recognized in 1925, as the Evangelical wing of Mar Thoma Church.

The members of the Edavaka Mission meet together in the church, every Tuesdays for intercessory prayer. The members come together for Bible study on first and second Wednesday in the church, third Wednesday at the residence of Mr. A.I.Abraham, Arackal, on fourth Wednesday at the residence of Mrs. Kunjunjamma Varghese, Puthenparambil and on the fifth Wednesday at Kodimatha Prayer Hall. At these meetings, our Vicar and Asst. Vicar give leadership for Bible study. Studies on Sacraments, the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel are some of the recent topics of study. In the absence of the Vicar, Bible studies are led by members or lay leaders. Intercessory prayers are an integral part of these sessions. On special occasions we have prayer meetings at the residences of our members. They share the gospel message with their co-workers and outside world. The members provide active spiritual support in their parish through prayer meetings and house visits.

The Edavaka Mission emphasizes the ministry of the laity in the Church. Apart from these meetings, prayer fellowships will be conducted on third Fridays at Guidance Centre and on fifth Fridays at Kurichi Mission Centre. Every fourth Friday, members visit the sick, the old and the needy at the hospitals and houses and provide spiritual fellowship and material help. Free medical camps are organized on 1,3 and 5th Saturdays at Nagampadam, 2 and 4th Saturdays at Kodimatha Prayer Hall and 1 and 3rd Sundays at Kurichi Mission Centre. The Edavaka Mission Choir supports these medical camps by offering the collection that they get from singing at weddings.